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2019 Winter Classes
Held on Fridays between 9:00am and 12:00pm
February 1st through April 19.

9:00 AM

Our Great Country - USA Geography
Ages 5 -8          Lynn Chavis
Supplies: students should bring a notebook or binder with paper and pencils
Supply Fee: $5
I think we can all agree we still live in one of the greatest nations on earth! God continues to bless America and our children need to learn about how amazing this nation is. Our Great Country is a patriotic USA geography class with a little bit of history, little bit of art, a little bit of music and A LOT of interactive learning and fun. Students will learn to identify the North American continent on a globe and a map. In the process of learning to name the 50 states, students will also learn about different regions, land forms, bodies of water, land marks and much more using maps, copy work, crafts, videos and sing alongs. Parents are encouraged to help with a few minutes of reading and writing homework each week. We will have a patriotic student performance during the last class you will not want to miss! Basic reading and writing skills needed
Science Concoctions and Crafts
Ages 7-11          Kimberly Boggs
Supplies: Students need to bring a notebook and pencils
Supply Fee: $10
In this class, students will make fruity lip gloss, scratch and sniff stickers, slime and treasure stones. We will also make rain, clouds, an underwater volcano, popcorn and cotton candy while learning the science behind it all!

How Great is Our State!
Ages: 8-12          Leslie Cain
Supply Fee: $10
Do you know why our state is the greatest in the USA? Let's find out together as we explore some history, natural resources, economy and state symbols. We will take a field trip to the capital building in Raleigh in the spring.

Drama Club
Ages 8-16          Emily Kindall
Supplies: Students will provide their own simple costumes for the final performance
It's time to unlock your creative side with Drama Club! Our class will use charades, storytelling, roll-playing and improvisation games to strengthen imagination, increase expression, encourage cooperation and above all - have fun! Class activities will also explore elements of theater performance such as character development, costumes, and props. Finally, students will utilize these skills to produce a special performance at the end of the semester!

“Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace....":  
Public Speaking Made Easy
Ages 10-16           Sandi Green
Supplies: note cards & Poster board
Supply Fee: $5
75% of Americans are so afraid of public speaking that they experience physical discomfort just thinking about it! There is a fine young leader in many of our youth; it's just a matter of learning the craft of public speaking! We will use public speaking throughout our lives in conversation, an interview, or on the public stage. Join us in learning to become a comfortable, powerful speaker.

Homesteading Today

Ages 10-16          Vanessa Emerson and Lisa Marshall
Supply Fee: $10
This class will explore a basic understanding to a homesteading lifestyle. We will learn about what homesteading is, how to accommodate practices for different needs and living arrangements, and how to live a more self-sufficient life. Natural cleaners, laundry soap, herbal remedies, gardening methods and other useful skills will be covered. Projects will include soap making, fire cider, take home salve, take home loose leaf teas and fruit for dehydrating.
Be-YOU-tiful to God
Ages 11-16          Angie North
In this class, girls will learn the Biblical principles of what is expected of a modest young lady. We will have a Bible verse each week reminding the class of what God's Word says about their worth. They will learn the importance of cleanliness, proper skin care, makeup and self-development in addition to how to deal with the outside world that doesn't share Christian values. This class will build on a foundation of positive thinking.

10:00 AM

Ages 2-5          Mergan Cox
Supply Fee: $3
Learn about a new country each week in this class that takes us around the world! We will find each country on the map, look at its flag and alphabet and listen to the local language. Explore with us what food, school, clothes and games are like for the children in that live there. Music, movement and crafts will keep us engaged in this interactive class.

Young Fashionistas
Ages 5-9          Christie Moser
Supplies: students should bring colored pencils, #2 pencils, good eraser, sketch book, scissors, old clothing catalogs
Supply Fee: $5
Famous fashion designer Coco Chanel said, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". Young Fashionistas is a fun opportunity for young girls to be introduced to the world of fashion. During the semester, students will keep a sketch book and create a mood board. Lessons on etiquette, with emphasis on what God's Word says in Proverbs 31 about being a girl of character and fashion, will enhance their growing fashion sense. A field trip to a historic fashion display will enrich this hands-on learning experience.

Memorizing Upper Multiplication Facts
Ages 6-10          Kimberly Boggs
Supplies: students need to bring pencils
Supply Fee: $10
It's fun and easy to memorize the upper multiplication facts using simple stories to provide students with a "memory peg" allowing them to quickly recall otherwise abstract facts. Once the stories are memorized that go with each of the numbers, they can then easily solve the equations! Younger children can learn the stories even if they don't know their numbers. This method can also help older kids that know how to multiply but are having a hard time remembering the facts. Won't this confuse a child? Some teachers and parents worry that "seeing" the mental picture each time a student remembers the fact will slow them down. Once the stories have been thoroughly learned and practiced, students will bypass them when remembering the fact. The pictures and story help the brain's cataloging system find the answer quickly but the student has had lots of fun learning!

Drafting for Beginners
Ages 7-10          Larryn Thompson
Supplies: students need graph paper. 8 x 11 sketch book with plain white paper, pencils, colored pencils, ruler
Let's learn how to draw like an engineer/architect/builder/designer! Kids will be learning how to draw in 2D & 3D, how to create blue prints, and to scale drawings as well as learn as why all the details are important. This will be a fun class that serves as a good introduction to drafting skills that are applicable to many different professions.

Painting Poetry
Ages 8-11          Kelly Hayes
Supplies: students need bring a tube watercolor set (must have at least all primary colors, brown,
black, and white), a white plastic paint pallet, 2 round paint brushes (one small, one medium size),

2 flat paint brushes (one about 1/2 in, one about 1 in), and a pen/pencil
Supply Fee: $7
Come join us as we discover the art of poetry through guided watercolor painting lessons portraying select classic poems by Robert Frost. Poetic devices such as mood, imagery, alliteration, personification, and many more will be taught with a variety of classic works from various poets. Explore your creative side as students learn to write their own poetry and watercolor master pieces as well.

Beginning American Sign Language
Ages 8-16          Emily Kindall
Supplies: students should bring a 3 ring binder, lined paper, pencils for notetaking
This introductory class will teach students the basics of ASL communication and get them signing in no time. Lessons will start with the alphabet and move to colors, simple vocabulary, and basic grammar. We also will learn to convey meaning through the use of facial expressions, body language, and classifiers.

Bible Navigators: Trivia & Sword Drill Competition
Ages 8-16          Lynn Chavis
Supplies: students are required to bring a Bible with no tabs or indentions on sides,

colored pencils, index cards, 1 subject notebook, folder
Students young and old can learn to fall in love with the heroic adventures and dynamic characters of the Bible, Moses and Esther of the Old Testament to name a few. Reading Bible stories and learning scripture memory verses help us learn and remember life lessons. They can also help us develop a moral compass toward loving, helping and giving to others like Jesus and His disciples did. Bible Navigators: Trivia & Sword Drill Competition is a unique class that involves students learning the 66 books of the Bible and literally how to navigate through them to find verses and key passages. Students will find themselves challenged to memorize the names of the books of the Bible while learning the section of the Bible where familiar stories are found. Verses will be learned using memorization techniques and how to use their Bibles in a peer friendly competition called the Bible sword drill. This will involve some practice at home each week to prepare for class. This class will help build students confidence and their reading skills.

Real Food - Cooking from Scratch
Ages 10-16          Vanessa Emerson and Lisa Marshall
Supplies: students need aprons, notebook, paper and pancils
Supply Fee: $15
Cooking from scratch, making the old-fashioned way fun again! We will learn how to cook with cast iron, make your own bread & butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. We'll even be covering bee keeping and honey (with yummy homemade biscuits!), making baking mixes in mason jars to store for future use and making quick, easy meal from scratch in 30 minutes.

Anatomy Lab with Dissection
Ages 11-16          Leslie Cain
Supply Fee: $20
We will be learning about organ systems and dissecting animal organs that correlate to the organs being studied. This will be a fun, hands on and in-depth look at the miraculous way God created our bodies and the bodies of our specimens.

11:00 AM

Ready, Set, Learn!
Ages 2-5          LaToya Castro
Supply Fee: $5
Students will learn through playing, singing, reading and practice. Some of our topics will include letters, colors, animals and numbers. This class will be a fun, engaging way to get your young one ready to continue learning.

Real Food - Cooking from Scratch, Jr.
Ages 6-9          Vanessa Emerson and Lisa Marshall

Supplies: students need aprons, notebook, paper and pancils
Supply Fee: $15
Cooking from scratch, making the old-fashioned way fun again! We will learn how to cook with cast iron, make your own bread & butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. We'll even be covering bee keeping and honey (with yummy homemade biscuits!), making baking mixes in mason jars to store for future use and making quick, easy meal from scratch in 30 minutes.

Weather Wiz Kids
Ages 6-10          Mergan Cox
Supply Fee: $3
In this class we will use activities and experiments to understand our local weather, from fog and snow to tornadoes and hurricanes. We will also expand to learn about global climates and cover such topics as the equator, the poles, deserts and rainforests. Worksheets completed as a group in class will help reinforce each lesson.

Archway Book of Amazing Records
Ages 8-12          Sandi Green

Supplie: students need a 3 ring binger (1")
Supply Fee: $5
People have been striving to break Guinness World Records for years. We are going to create our own Archway Book of Records! Each week we will explore individual as well as group feats. The class will be challenged to amazing feats like most jumping jacks in a minute, longest wheelbarrow race or longest game of tag. Then each student will be encouraged to come up with his/her own challenge. Being active has never been so fun!

Wordsmith Apprentice
Ages 9-11          Stephanie Rich
Supplies: students bring single subject folder with 3 brackets, pencils
In this class, young writers will become acquainted with and challenged to use their imaginations for the writing process. Writing components such as nouns, verbs, and sentence structure will be reviewed and strengthened. We will dive into modifiers and more complex sentences and toward the end of the semester, we will be exploring paragraphs. This is a one year course so in order to get through the majority of the material in 12 weeks, homework will be sent home every week. This will be beneficial for practice and to stay on schedule so please make sure your student completes the assignments.

The Poetry in You - Read, Write & Share
Ages 12-16          Lynn Chavis
Supplies: students need a 3 ring binder, paper, pencils and colored pencils
Using our imagination to explore and express ourselves with words can be a creative and exciting challenge. Practicing and developing these skills can open students up to have fun learning. Learning what you may ask? POETRY my dear! Students will write their own poetry and learn about this unique literary genre. The goal for this class is to help students appreciate their creativity through reading, writing and sharing poetry. They will learn to think and write their own ideas through imagery poetry. If your student doesn't have much experience with reading or writing poems, these imagery lessons are a great way to get started as well as expanding knowledge of poetry. We are living, expressive people! Poetry is in us so let's make learning about it fun!

Electricity and Circuit House Building
Ages 12-16          Leslie Cain
Supplies: Students need notebook and one shoebox.
Supply Fee: $10
Students will be studying electricity and how it is made, then harnessed for use in our homes. Electricity is amazing in the way it powers circuits so we will cover closed and open circuits. This class will be using materials (safely!) to develop a working model home with lights.

Basic Car Maintenance for Beginners
Ages 13 and up (including parents)          Erin Crittenton
Whether you are a beginning driver or about to be, or a driver of many years, can you confidently lift the hood of your vehicle and find what you are looking for? If you had to jump start your battery could you do it without the help of YouTube? This class is meant to introduce students to basic things like checking your oil and what type of oil to use, how to hook up jumper cables, how to check tire pressure and how to change a tire. The class will also learn basic troubleshooting when your auto has mechanical problems.

Exploring Creation with Physical Science (2nd semester*)
90 Minute Class
Ages 13-16          Larryn Thompson
Supplies: Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Dr Jay L Wile, 2nd Edition
Supply Fee: $25
Using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science textbook, we will continue from last semester completing Module 10-16 this semester. From the inner-workings of atoms to the grandeur of galaxies, this course will be challenging & interesting. This Physical Science introduction to formal science provides preparation for high school biology, chemistry & physics. Be prepared to work hard as homework and tests will be given. Grades will be available for parental review.

*Continuation of last semester’s class so first priority is giving to returning students.