The Fall 2018 Schedule will be posted by July 16

Winter 2018 Classes


Math Readiness (ages 4-6) Gosnell
*Must be able to count to 100
This class will help your child understand basic math concepts. We will learn counting by 2's 5's, & 10's. We will take groups of items and learn to add, subtract, & count by groups. We will dive into measuring by reading a ruler. Depending on how fast we grasp it all, we will try to expand into other concepts. There will be homework to complete, under your supervision, so they can grasp basic math skills.

Supply Fee: $5
Supplies: Scissors, glue, crayons or colored pencils

FULL- Little Travelers (ages 5-8) Croteau-Sapp
*Ability to read or write is not required
Formerly Little Passports 
Grab your boarding pass and travel the world with me! Together we will visit 12 countries around the world and learn about the history and culture of each through hands on activities and crafts.  

Supply Fee: $8 for craft materials
Supplies: Colored pencils, crayons or markers

FULL- Come Sew with Me Again (ages 9-11) DeSombre
*No sewing experience required
Please have your student arrive on time. Students who are late may not be able to finish all projects.
Learn basic sewing skills by creating a number of fun, creative and useful projects. We will vary projects based on what the majority of the students have already done. If most students have not sewn before, some projects may be the same as Come Sew with Me.

Supply Fee: $25 for all materials for projects

FULL- Educational Games Galore...2 (ages 9-15) Stubblefield
Games Galore is back this semester. We will play new games as well as revisit some classics as we learn about subjects like geology, American history, world geography, writing methods, famous artists, and basic geometry. Each week, students will divide into teams and play games related to educational concepts. There will be a mini lesson at the beginning of each class to introduce the subject and explain the game(s). Students will be asked to create journal entries, draw maps and solve problems related to the topics we cover each week.  A journal containing a rewards chart will be provided on the first day of class. The rewards students earn throughout the semester for playing games and completing journal entries will be used to bid on items at the Games Galore Auction on the last day of class.

Supplies: A pencil, a place to keep their journal, and 3-4 items for the Games Galore Auction due Friday, April 21st

American Sign Language-Part II (ages 10-15) Kindall
*For returning ASL students only
This intermediate class will build on what the students learned last semester. Lessons will continue to add to their growing vocabulary, with an increased focus on ASL grammar and communication tools. Students will have the opportunity to utilize their signing skills by translating children’s stories into ASL and presenting them at the end of the semester.

Supplies: Binder or folder recommended to keep track of handouts.

Let’s Get Cooking and More (ages 11-15)  Moser
Whatever happened to Home Ec? This semester in Let’s Get Cooking and More, not only will students cook, they will also learn other household skills such as menu planning and grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping, organization, decorating, table etiquette, phone manners, the “divvy” money system, and “lost skills” such as RSVP and thank-you notes. An important part of this class will be homework…taking what they have learned in class and completing tasks at home. Bonus: your child will be helpful around the house!

Supply Fee: $12 for cooking ingredients
Supplies: an apron

Arts and Crafts (ages 12-15)  Bailey
In this class, students will assemble various art and craft projects. Each week, students will create a unique piece to keep, display or gift. In order to complete some of the projects, students will need to bring recyclables or materials you may already have at home or can easily be purchased at the Dollar Store. These items will add that personnel touch to their project. Simple items such as plastic containers, yarn, dollies, buttons, scrapbook paper, photos, markers, etc. will be used.  There will be a list sent out for students to gather and have ready for each week’s project. Students will need to be able to work with cutting tools, hot glue guns, etc. However, there will still be a fee for bought material I will be providing.

Supply Fee: $14.00 for craft materials


FULL- Busy Hands Preschool (ages 2-5, must be potty trained)  Hayes
Come join us for some preschool fun! Busy Hands Preschool is a Bible-based preschool class that will have a Bible story focus each week with correlating hands-on preschool activities. Activities will include letter recognition and formation, letter sounds taught with rhymes and motions, art projects, dramatic play, active exploration, and music. Get those active minds going and those busy hands ready for some fun!

Supply Fee: $5 for project supplies

FULL- Our Great Country- Beginner Geography USA (ages 5-7)  Chavis
*Beginner reading skills will help
Can you say all 50 states in alphabetical order? Well it's a big goal but I believe your little thinkers can do it! AND we will have fun trying. It's fun to study the states! Our Great Country, the United States, is where we live and it's good to start learning important facts about where we live at a young age. Students will learn that they live in the "land of the free" and hear an elementary history lesson about what this means. We will say, sing, and write the names of all 50 states. We will also practice and learn how to find states on a map, especially the 10 largest states. We will get to know the state flags, state capitals, some major land forms, and more fun facts as we work together on activities and games that will help students remember what they learn.
 I will ask parents to help their students with some elementary research by visiting the library and bringing in a book pertaining to our study.

Supply Fee: $10.00 is for workbook, craft supplies, and games

FULL- Kids in the Kitchen (ages 5-8)  Moser 
Kids in the Kitchen is a fun learning experience in which students develop culinary skills through preparing simple entrée foods, snacks, and desserts. In between lessons in the kitchen, emphasis will be placed on etiquette, manners, and nutrition. Bible devotions will go along with the culinary fun. At the end of the semester, students will have compiled a useful recipe book to take home.

Supply Fee: $12 for cooking ingredients
Supplies: an apron

Adventures in Bookland: Charlotte’s Web (ages 7-10)  Duckett
*This class is for independent readers.
Do you want to explore the world of Charlotte’s Web again or for the first time? Students will read approximately 2 chapters of the book each week and come ready to discuss what they’ve read. We’ll also dive deeper into something mentioned in each week’s reading by doing an art project, science or history lesson, or writing exercise inspired by the reading. 

Supplies: Each student will need to own or check out a copy of Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. Alamance County libraries have several copies available.

Spanish I (ages 8-12) Chapman
Join us for an adventure into the world of Spanish as we learn basic greetings, colors, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, the alphabet, and many more basic concepts and cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world. Te veo pronto!

Supply Fee: $10 for supplies and a binder to be sent home at the end of the semester

Art Appreciation: Western Art (ages 10-15)  Kindall
Learn how to open your eyes, minds, and hearts to classic art in this hands-on art history class. We will explore major movements in Western art prior to the 1800s, from Gothic through the Renaissance, to Baroque and more. Lessons will feature great artists and their masterpieces to help students recognize famous works of art, as well as understand composition and technique. Students will get to try these techniques for themselves with several different art projects. As an extra treat, we will have an outside-of-class field trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Supply fee: $10 for art supplies and student folios
Supplies: Pencils, markers (optional: colored pencils or crayons)

Tween/Teen Yoga for Girls (ages 10 and up)  Harris
Hey all you teen homeschool girls- let's get together and learn how to work our bodies and keep them fit, healthy and strong through yoga! Yoga has an incredible ability to strengthen our bodies, calm our minds, and build our confidence. Each week we will work to learn yoga poses and exercises that you can incorporate now and throughout your life.

Supplies: Yoga mat

FULL- Come Sew with Me Next Level (ages 11-15)  DeSombre
*At least 1 previous semester with me is required. Please have your student arrive on time. Students who are late may not be able to finish all projects.
This is a great class to express creative ideas while continuing their sewing skills. All new projects will reflect the interests of the students. Classes will include pattern reading, applique and sewing on knit fabrics.

Supply Fee: $25 for all materials for projects

Exploring Creation with General Science Part 2 (ages 11-15)  Eanes
*Preference will be given to students who completed Part 1 in the Fall. However, if there is extra space in the class, other students who did not complete Part 1, are welcome to join the class.
We will enjoy learning about science using the Apologia textbook, Exploring Creation with General Science. Topics discussed will include: classification of life, the structure of the human body, life’s energy cycles, and the human body systems such as the digestive system, respiratory system and circulatory system. This class will include note taking, games, experiments and drawing of structures. 

Supply Fee: $10.00 for science experiment
Supplies: General Science Apologia book is optional but highly recommended

Geekopoly: Math Games (ages 11-15)  Phipps
Let’s have fun with math. We will refresh, relearn and recharge our basic knowledge of Math. Kids will learn new tricks to help them with those difficult math problems. We will have quizzes, games, contests, and of course treats. 

Supply Fee: $3

FULL- Geology and Earth Science (ages 11-15) Bailey
*No repeat students please
In this class, students will learn about minerals, where they come from, and where to look for certain ones. Students will study about volcanoes and earthquakes.  There will be projects and a little homework- nothing hard, just a little exploring, bringing in specimens to share, and a final display.  We also plan to have a discussion on metal detecting and possible gem mining.

Supply Fee: $10.00 to $12.00 based on gem bag availability


PreSchool Rock Stars (ages 2-5, potty trained)  Thompson
Students will learn the basics of rhythm and a small amount of note identification. This class will be exciting and upbeat with lots of clapping and dancing that is sure to inspire our little guys and girls to get musical!

Supply Fee: $5 for music supplies (shakers to take home)

FULL- Reading Readiness (ages 4-6)  Gosnell
This class will help your child understand the stepping stones to reading with basic phonics! 
We will learn vowels, consonants, blends, sight words, and more exciting skills.
Your child will be given homework to complete, under your supervision, so they can grasp the reading concepts.

Supply Fee: $5
Supplies: Scissors, glue, crayons or colored pencils

FULL- Educational Games Galore Jr. (ages 6-8)  Stubblefield
Games Galore is now being offered to our younger students. Each Friday, students will learn about subjects like general science, timelines, US geography, famous artists, parts of speech, and basic math concepts. After a mini lesson introducing the topic, the class will divide into teams and play games. Students will be asked to create simple journal entries, draw pictures and solve problems related to the subjects we cover each week.  A journal containing a rewards chart will be provided on the first day of class.  The rewards students earn throughout the semester for playing games and completing journal entries will be used to bid on items at the Games Galore Auction on the last day of class.

Supplies: A pencil, a place to keep their journal, and 3-4 items for the Games Galore Auction due Friday, April 21st

Introduction to French through Immersion and Play (ages 7 and up)  LeClaire
In this class, students will be introduced to basic French using props and games to make learning fun. We will cover basics like the alphabet, counting, colors, animals, food, simple conjugations and more! When possible, I would also like to take the children outside to learn French on the field and play using our new words. My goal is to speak to the students only in French, read to them from picture books and use familiar Bible stories to expose and stretch their minds to as much of this new language as possible!

FULL- Drama Club (ages 8-15)  Kindall
It’s time to unlock your creative side with Drama Club. Our class will use charades, storytelling, roll-playing, and improvisation games to boost confidence, strengthen imagination, improve memorization skills, encourage expression, and above all, have fun! Students will get the chance to showcase their dramatic flare in a special performance at the end of the semester!

Spanish 2 (ages 10-15)  Chapman
*New students welcome
Spanish II is designed to review material covered last semester and continue our quest to learn the most spoken language in the world other than English...Spanish. We will do a brief review for any new students that may join the class. We will then move ahead with this fascinating language! There will be vocabulary quizzes and oral and written presentations for the purpose of practicing the Spanish we learn. Come join us for more fun with Spanish.

Supplies: Book, Prentice Hall Realidades Book A

Physical Education (PE) and Sports (ages 10-15)  Harris
 Let's get our bodies moving and hearts pumping while having fun! Each class period will begin with cardio and strengthening warm ups and exercises followed by a different sport module each week. We will be learning the basic skills of sport such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, wiffle ball, kickball, and foursquare.

Supply Fee: $5
Supplies: Yoga mat

Fashion Fun II (ages 11-15)  Moser
*To enroll in the class, the previous fall 2017 semester of Fashion Fun is preferred but not a must.
In Fashion Fun II, we will continue topics and activities related to fashion:
     *Visual merchandising (possible trip to department store to dress mannequins/window)
     *Fashion eras
     *More fashion designers
     *Fashion marketing
     *Field trip to design studio or fashion exhibit
     *And more!
Students will keep a sketch book and have other creative projects throughout the semester.  

Supply Fee: $10 for fabric, adhesive, paint, brushes, foam core, boards and vellum
Supplies: Old magazines, colored pencils, #2 pencil, good eraser, sketch book, and scissors

An Introduction to the Forms and Elements of Literature (ages 11-15)  Eanes
We will enjoy learning about the common threads which all stories share. These include: plot, theme, characters, setting, mood, conflict, and point of view. Concepts such as personification, foreshadowing, irony, similes, metaphors, satire, suspense and dialogue will be introduced. We will compare and contrast different types of fiction and nonfiction. This is only an introductory class designed to introduce these ideas and concepts to children and not a substitute for an at home literature study. 
The goal is for the student to gather a working knowledge of tools that they can use at home with you to better understand their readings and assist the child in better enjoyment of their readings.

Supply Fee: $3.00 for book

FULL- Introduction to Videography (ages 12-15) Bailey
*No repeat students please
In this class, students will learn some terms, a little history, some basic equipment and techniques. Students will work as teams and write a script, set up, film and edit their production. Each student will receive 1 or 2 finished DVDs. 

Supply Fee: $5.00 for DVDs