Archway Classes
Elementary and Middle School Enrichment Classes

Registration Information

General Registration for Fall 2014 will begin on Friday, August 15th at 9:00am and end on August 25th.

A link will appear on this page when registration opens. 

If you would like to register early in order to get the classes you want, please consider teaching or serving as a cleaning volunteer.  Early registration for teachers and cleaning staff begins on August 8th.

Registration Process

In order make registration easier and avoid all the emails, we ask that students and parents list their classes in order of preference.  If there is only one acceptable option at a given hour, please leave the second and third choices blank.  If that class fills before he/she is placed on the roster, they will not be enrolled in a class during that hour.  Class confirmations will be sent out to all families near the close of registration.

Students must be the age stated on the site by the first day of class (Sept 5th).  If a class does not fill with students of the age range given, the teacher may be contacted to see if he/she will take a child of a younger or older age.

Please send registration fees to Archway at:

Archway Classes
952 Golf House Rd. W, Suite i
PMB # 215
Whitsett, NC 27377 

Registration fees are due by August 22, 2014..  
Class fees are due on the first day of class
(Sept 5, 2014). 
Supply fees should be paid directly to the teacher on the first day of class as well.

If you need to cancel any part of your registration, please do so by August 31th.


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